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Where Can I Ride My ATV Legally Without Trouble?

There is nothing better than riding your ATV – there is the adrenaline you get from the speed, the wind blowing in your hair, your connection with mother nature and the experience of getting to know new lands.

Whether you’re looking to get to know new trails in your own home state, or you’re looking to take a road trip into unventured parts of another state, here is a resource to help you find amazing trails to ride.

Public Parks

This is probably the easiest place to start since most states have a department dedicated to public lands and natural resources, in many cases it is the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Part of the service that these agencies provide is to list out trails and other dedicated lands for the use of all terrain vehicles. You can also search federal public lands and your states national park websites. You can also do a Google search of your county and public parks, it would look something like this – “your county + public parks”

Local Parks

You can also do a search for private ATV parks in your area. Much like you did when searching for public parks in your county, private parks can be found by performing a similar search – “your county + private ATV park”.

Another idea is to ask your local ATV dealer for any recommendations they may be aware of – it could be as simple as joining a private club or paying an entrance fee to access a private trail. If you see a phone number to the company that manages the land, take a minute to call them to make sure you are not trespassing their land. This could get you into some embarrassing trouble.

Obey Signs (and the unwritten ones)

Written rules are usually posted on signage but at very least, usually the trails website has a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts. These can range from rules on how to take care of the land to feeding wildlife to drinking and driving and hours of operations of the park.

But the rules don’t only come in written form, there are also the unwritten ones like common etiquette, noise levels, and staying on designated trails. There are probably many more that aren’t being mentioned here, but most pubic parks should have a comprehensive list of these common rules.

Don’t Mess With The Law

It’s never a wise idea to break the law, needless to say, there is no exception to this rule when it comes to riding an ATV. Nearly every state has their own set of rules on where and how you can ride your ATV. These include rules like speed, hours, street riding vs trail riding, etc. If you’re unsure about some of these rules, the Consumer Product Safety Commission offers more information on their website where you are welcome to look up the riding laws in your particular state.

ATVs are an incredible way of enjoying the outdoors with family and friends, creating new memories and escaping from the every day stressors of life. Be smart, use common sense and do a little research on the new trail you’ll be riding and you should be safe from breaking any rules or laws. Riding ATVs is too much fun to have your privileges revoked!