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Are the NOAM NUTV4 Quad Speakers Waterproof?

Of all the mods and add-ons you could tack onto your quad, apart from making it faster, louder or more intimidating looking, there are fewer things that would make your ride more enjoyable and exciting than some great music playing in the background. Now i’m not sure you would even be able to hear it when you’ve got your helmet on (hopefully) and you’re knee-deep in 3 feet of mud trying desperately to get yourself across the stream without getting stuck. Needless to say, music makes just about anything more enjoyable and why wouldn’t you want a nice set of speakers blasting your favorite tunes while riding? Exactly. The NOAM NUTV4 quad speakers have been growing quickly in popularity and users love them, here’s why:

NOAM NUTV4 Features

The amplifier comes with 4 separate channels that connect to 2 pairs of 4″ 2-way mountable speakers that provide extremely great sound quality and plenty of power.

The speakers are made of a marine grade waterproof construction and are water resistant making your treks through streams far less taxing on your speaker system.  The carry with them a standard bluetooth compatibility so that any phone or tablet with bluetooth connectivity can sync to it, and if the source of the music doesn’t have bluetooth, you can always connect to the amp through an auxiliary line.  The marine amplifier also has an on/off switch and it easily connects to roll bars up to 2″ in diameter using the supplied mounting kit.

Why You Don’t Need Any Other Equipment: The Complete Set

  • Everything you need to complete the entire audio sound system is found in this package, no need to shop for any other products and you can be sure that all the pieces will sync together nicely
  • This product comes with 4 speakers including the necessary wires
  • Comes with a nicely designed bluetooth remote controller with extremely easy to use power and volume buttons
  • The amplifier provides more than enough volume and sound quality to satisfy most
  • The mounting accessories can easily grip onto your atv’s rollbars
  • Comes with the essential power wire for the entire unit

So How Is The Sound Quality?

All in all, the sound quality is actually quite impressive, I cannot believe that this much power is coming from speakers this size.  There is plenty of power since the wattage on the amp is 400 watt max output (100 x 4).  When you take into consideration that the speakers are not confined and the sounds waves don’t have anything to bounce off of (such as in a closed room), and that you also have the sounds of loud engines, mother nature and other people yelling in your ear, the volume on all four speakers is absolutely loud enough to be heard while enjoying the trails.

Are the NOAM NUTV4 Speakers Waterproof?

Yes, they are waterproof at IPX6 level which means that it can overcome exposure to water but cannot survive being completely submerged underwater.  There are obviously different levels of “waterproofness”, but In doing a bit of research on the the IPX6 waterproof grade, it appears that it withholds water resistance to “powerful water jets”.  Essentially, this means that if you take a hose with a sprayer at the end and pointed it towards your speakers, it should be able to withstand the water pressure.  In fact, the NOAM website states that their speakers are mud proof, water proof, snow proof and shock proof!

These speakers also come with a marine grade waterproof construction and are resistant to water exposure at higher pressures, again, they cannot be completely submerged underwater for long periods of time but I know of riders who have come back from mud riding and their speakers are caked with thick, dried up layers of mud.  They just clean off the speakers thoroughly and the next time they head out for another cruise, they work perfectly well.

In fact, some riders water them down after riding, though i’d recommend not doing that and using a wet washcloth instead, since a pressure washer can penetrate and cause electrical disruptions and the sound system is not designed for that kind of exposure.  I’ll let you make the judgement call on that, but i’d say common sense is probably your best bet.  Since they are very easy to mount, i’d also recommend taking off the speaker face plate and cleaning both the speaker and the faceplate itself just to make sure you were able to properly clean everything.

These speakers are very resilient and if you travel through some moderate rain or river trails, I wouldn’t be as concerned.  Again they do carry a waterproof rating of IPX6.  I’ve read of buyers using these speakers for other uses such as sail boat, motor boat and even using it on jet skis.  As with anything in life, the better you treat and take care of things, the longer it will last.

What does the warranty look like?

Whether you purchased the product through NOAM’s website or through Ebay, Amazon or any other vendor, your product does come with a 1 years warranty which means that if you do experience some form of malfunction due to either workmanship or water, mud, snow or shock, NOAM will back up their product.

However, you do have to register your warranty with NOAM on their website.  It’s a straightforward process and all you need is your product’s serial number, along with your name and email address.


I’ve researched many ATV speakers on the market and NOAM offers tremendous value for the price.  Their speakers are durable, powerful, very resistant to water, are easily mountable and their bluetooth compatibility makes them extremely easy to use.  You can check out the specs and positive reviews on Amazon here.

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