Have you ever craved for a gush of speed or an adrenaline rush, a moment where you feel like you are completely in control of your own fate? Try getting behind the wheel of an all terrain vehicle. What’s more thrilling than driving an huge machine at full speed through bumpy, winding roads?

People who enjoy this sport would love to do it every chance they get, but unfortunately not every place is ATV friendly. You can’t just take your ATV and drive it on any public street or park. You would have to bring your ATV to a place where you can be free to rev up and drive. Getting your ATV around isn’t a simple walk in the park. You’ll need to drive it on a truck, and when you have that, there’s also the question of how to get it on the truck. This is when you’ll need a good loading ramp.

ATV Ramps:

A loading ramp is an inclined plane that is used to move heavy items onto a loading platform such as a truck or a ship. It’s important to have a good loading ramp when transporting your ATV. There are many kinds of loading ramps as they are used to load different items such as motorcycles, wheelchairs, snowmobiles, etc.

You have to be sure that the loading ramp you are getting is for an ATV, and that it can ensure proper handling of your vehicle. Off road equipment have larger wheels, so ramp rungs are appropriately spaced and should be able to handle heavier weights.

There are different things to consider when choosing an ATV loading ramp. Check your ATV manual for the weight of your vehicle, and find a ramp that has a weight capacity that matches it. It is also up to you to decide which ramp style better fits you: dual runner is two separate ramps that come in folding or non-folding styles and are either straight or arched. This style is easy to fit under the ATV while in transport if the ATV has a higher ground clearance.

The bifold style is a hinged ramp that folds the width in half for compact storage. The trifold style folds the width in thirds and fit under most ATVs. Trailer is a versatile style usually used for loading ATVs and other equipment such as lawnmowers and snowmobiles.

These are just some of a few styles that you can choose from when selecting an ATV loading ramp. You must also consider the width of your ATV as well as the loading height of your truck so you can best determine the length and width of the ramp you need.

There’s also a budget to consider and luckily, you can find a lot of different loading ramp brands at different price points. There are many brands that come in different price ranges, so you can be sure to find one that fits your budget. Lastly, be sure to take note of the safety precautions of both the ATV and the ramp. It’s best to buy loading ramps that have safety features and come with straps for reinforcement. You don’t want any accidents or damages to your ATV.

About the Yutrax TX104 Ramp:

Yutrax designs and builds high quality and portable loading ramps and trailers for all sorts of vehicles such as ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles and more. They are well known for the strength and durability of all of their products. They have a wide variety of loading ramp options so you can be sure that whatever specifications you need, they have something that will fit your needs.

One of their loading ramp models is the Yutrax TX104. This model features a tri fold style, meaning it can be folded in thirds. This makes it lightweight and very portable for storage or during travel. Tri-fold ramps are a popular option because you can easily store them at home, and bring them along your ATV when you travel.

Tri-fold ramps usually fit in between the wheels of most ATVs, unlike bifold ramps that require vehicles with a higher ground clearance. This means you can practically take this ramp with you wherever you take your ATV; and makes it easily available to offload your ATV when you get to your destination.

The Yutrax TX104 is made of fully welded aluminum and has a loading capacity of 1,750 lbs, far heavier than the weight of most ATVs. This is a very important feature because when considering weight capacity, you have to consider not just the weight of your ATV (you can find this written on your vehicle’s manual) but also the weight of the fuel, all accessories and attachments added (make sure to check the manual for each item to get the exact weight), the driver’s weight as well as any items loaded in your ATV.

The Yutrax TX104 is great for ATVs on the heavier side, and it’s good to have a higher weight capacity for a loading ramp should you choose to upgrade to a bigger and heavier ATV in the future. This removes the further cost and effort to purchase a new loading ramp if you do decide to upgrade to a bigger and heavier ATV.

Some have even tried loading an ATV and a dirt bike at the same time, with two adults driving and the Yutrax TX104 held up just fine. How’s that for stability?

Another great thing about this loading ramp is that the Yutrax TX104 is very easy to use. All you need to do is unfold it, connect it to your truck and secure the straps. It’s very easy to do by yourself as it weighs only 32 lbs and when folded is only 17.5 inches in width and 78 inches in length.

With this size, it can usually fit in between the tires of an ATV making it handy for travel. It’s versatile as well and can load not just ATVs but also motorcycles. If you usually go out on rides by yourself, this loading ramp is perfect and doesn’t require much effort to set up. Most reviews that the Yutrax TX104 has received talks about its convenience and ease of use. Once you’re done loading your vehicle onto your truck, just fold it back up and store it underneath your ATV, in between the wheels.

The length of the Yutrax TX104 loading ramp is 78 inches long. This makes it extra long compared to other ramps meant for this purpose, it is fit for higher vehicles but still folds up portably. For a tri-fold ramp, the length of the Yutrax TX104 is a little bit longer than others but can still fit perfectly in a 6.5ft pick-up bed. With its size, it’s a great fit for tougher hauling needs. Another plus of the Yutrax TX104 is that its joints are welded. Welding metal joints together make them sealed and leakage proof, while riveted joints are more like bolts that can loosen over time.

Rivet jointing is only semi permanent, with only a rivet holding the two parts together. Welded joints are completely sealed and the process permanently combines two pieces of metal, meaning it comes out stronger and will not lose their strength and durability over time. You can be sure that your loading ramp will last you a very long time, and that you shouldn’t fear any breakage when loading your ATV into your truck. It’s always great to have a little extra peace of mind.

Truck Safety:

We’ve already figured out that the Yutrax TX104 can carry your ATV without bringing it any harm, but there’s also the safety of your truck to think about. Other than the features mentioned, the Yutrax TX104 also helps protect your truck as it has rubber-coated tabs that easily fit onto your truck’s tailgate and protects it from scratches. Each purchase of the Yutrax TX104 loading ramp comes with two adjustable straps to help secure your ramp into place. You can attach these straps underneath your truck when using the ramp for a sturdier hold.

The Yutrax TX104 retails at $159.99 on the Yutrax website. For its high load capacity at 1,750 lbs, strong aluminum and high quality workmanship, this ATV loading ramp is definitely worth your buck. You can be sure that it will keep both your truck and ATV safe, it’s easy to use, lightweight and portable and will last you a very long time.

It may not be on the lower end of the price spectrum, but you can be sure that you get your money’s worth when it comes to quality. You can also purchase replacement parts on the Yutrax website at very affordable prices. The protector tailgate retails at $3.67 per piece and the straps retails at $7.46 each.

Buyer Reviews:

Although it is made particularly for four wheel ATVs, the Yutrax TX104 can also be used for other vehicles such as motorcycles, lawn mowers and snowmobiles. For items with smaller wheels, you can use plywood inserts so that you can move them up the ramp. The suggested plywood thickness based on experience from users of this ramp is ¾ inch.

Buyers of the Yutrax TX104 from Amazon have great things to say about it, mainly that it is easy to attach to the tailgate, it’s lightweight, it is very sturdy, stable and that it can be used for a variety of machines. They also rave about its very simple set up and take down. For an ATV loading ramp that is lightweight, buyers are thrilled at how strong it is. Some reviewers even mention that it can stand the test of time and doesn’t look like it will ever wear out!

Proper Ramp Loading:

While the Yutrax TX104 does a great job at loading your ATV into your truck, don’t think that you can go straight to it without any preparation. Make sure to read the manual and safety precautions before you get started with loading your truck (and doing anything for that matter!).

When loading your ATV, make sure that you have a proper ramp and that you’ve securely strapped the ramps to your truck. Use the safety straps to ensure that your ramp is firmly connected to your tailgate and to add extra protection. Find a secure spot such as inside the bumper or the receiver hitch to attach the straps to. Make sure that you are attaching them to a metal area of your vehicle, as attaching them to parts with plastic construction will not hold securely and could cause damage to your vehicle.

Now it’s time to load your truck.

Never forget to wear a helmet every time you get on an ATV, even when it’s just to load it. When driving your ATV into your truck, you must do it slowly but surely so that you don’t accidentally speed up. While you are heading up the ramp, make sure not to let go of the gas but keep a steady speed while going up. Once your ATV is on the back of your truck, slowly creep forward until the front of the ATV is as close to the front of the bed as possible.

After this, make sure to put your ATV in park, shut it off properly and remove the key. Remove the ramps and store it along with your ATV and close the tailgate of your truck if possible. Even if the tailgate closes, it’s still important to tie down your ATV in order to avoid any damage from movement while in transport. You never know if you’re gonna hit a bump during transport that may cause your vehicle to move around in the back of your truck.

Now that you’ve got the loading part down, make sure you’ve got yourself covered when you’re driving your ATV on the actual terrain. One of the first things you need to do is to know the terrain you are driving through.

Do some research before you go and once you’re there, learn to read the trail you are on. Keep a good eye out, check your surroundings and watch other vehicles ahead of you so you can gauge how you should be driving. Widen your gaze and on tougher trails, it could even help to step out of your ATV to check out what lies ahead.

Plan your next move and how to get through the path. No matter how careful you are and how much you map out your next moves, every four-wheeler will eventually get stuck. Make sure to always bring recovery gear to help you in these tricky situations. Always bring heavy duty, 2-inch wide tow straps with fabric loops (not hooks) on each end or if you’re usually off roading alone, invest in an electric winch for your vehicle.

It may seem like a bit of a hassle to bring these around, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You can even make some friends if you help out someone stuck on the trail. Some terrains lead you to areas with water such as streams. Be sure your ATV is equipped to handle this by checking the fording depth on your manual. When you see a body of water, don’t drive blindly into it. Try to estimate its depth and figure out if your ATV can cross it.

If needed, wade across the stream before crossing as they can have sudden drops in depth that your ATV can’t handle. And of course, never forget your helmet! Your ATV is completely useless if you don’t have a fully functional head on you.

Take note of these tips and you’re well on your way to a good time.

Great fun requires great responsibility and when it comes to driving ATVs, one can never be too careful – with both your vehicle and yourself. Make sure to take all the necessary precautions to take care of both the ATV and driver by ensuring proper handling at all times.

This includes the loading and offloading of your machine, which requires the proper ATV loading ramp. The Yutrax TX104 ensures peace of mind when it comes to the proper handling of your ATV with its high loading capacity, sturdy craftsmanship and ease of use.  Ride safely!