kawasaki kfx 50 top speed

Kawasaki KFX 50 Top Speed

If you’re looking into the Kawasaki KFX 50’s top speed then you’ve got a young one that you’d like to get introduced into the world of ATV riding, and I think that’s amazing!  Obviously, you’re going to want to do the prudent thing and not get your child into something that’s too much for them to handle and the obvious place to start is with the ATVs top speed.

The top speed of the Kawasaki KFX 50 without having done any modifications to it is approximately 8 mph, which isn’t much faster than an electric toy car.  If your child is scared or apprehensive to jump on, well that’s normal and you’ll have to reassure him that it won’t go any faster than he can control.

The Kawasaki KFX 50 is a great starter quad as you’re getting a great brand name for quality and durability, great user reviews, and a small 50 cc engine to ensure you teach your child the fundamentals of riding while he/she learns proper techniques like how to sit on a quad, shifting body weight when turning, properly ascending and descending hills and overcoming obstacles.

As your child becomes more comfortable with riding this quad, and his 4 wheeler riding skills become more developed then you may want to consider making modifications to his quad to allow for more speed.  The Kawasaki KFX 50 has some speed limiters built into it that can be tweaked to take it from 8 mph to approximately 25 mph, which is fast for a youth ATV.  If you’re going to start making modifications, i’d suggest you make them one at a time and gradually get him used to handling the extra speed.

Upgrades To Make Your Kawasaki KFX 50 Faster

  1. Remove CVT collar from the gear box – see below instructions on how to remove the speed collar from your gear box
  2. New front and back sprockets
  3. Variator rollers
  4. Re-jetting for proper air/fuel mixture
  5. New CDI rev box
  6. Restrictors out of the intake
  7. Wheel spacers – 2 inch spacers don’t necessarily make the ATV faster, but they help with balance and assist in maintaining a better center of gravity especially during turns

How to remove the speed collar on Kawasaki KFX 50

If you son/daughter is ready to get more speed out of their ATV then a good place to start is by removing the speed collar.  If you’ve never done this before then it may seem a bit involved but I assure you it’s not.  Keep in mind that this entire process should take a maximum of 30 minutes and i’m being extra conservative.  The next time you attempt this same job, it will probably take you less than 10 minutes.  Read through all 26 steps below at least twice before you attempt to pick up a screw driver.  Keep the list in front of you as you imagine performing each step.  Once you’re comfortable, you can get to it!  I promise, it’s super easy.

  1. you’ll notice several rivets around the perimeter of the plastic molding that hold up the foot rests and goes over the clutch cover
  2. Locate approximately 11-12 black rivet covers
  3. Remove the black rivet covers to expose the 10mm screws underneath them
  4. using a phillips head screw driver, remove the screws from the entire perimeter of the removable plastic frame
  5. now locate the 4 screws that are on the foot rest and remove those as well
  6. Once all 15-16 screws are removed from the perimeter and the foot rest, carefully remove the panel off of the frame
  7. Doing so will expose clutch cover (this is what you want)
  8. Note: you shouldn’t have to remove the kick starter off of the clutch cover but if you need to, it’s as simple as removing the screws
  9. Now locate 8 screws around the perimeter of the clutch cover which holds the case securely fastened
  10. Grab an 8mm impact gun and remove the 8 nuts holding the case on
  11. Remove the cover to expose the clutch
  12. You’ll notice the belt going around two wheels – a wheel on the left and a wheel on the right
  13. The wheel on the left should have a nut with several washers behind it
  14. Remove the nut and washers and pull the front of the clutch off
  15. You should now be free to completely pull the belt off of the front spindle at which point you can find the speed collar which looks like a big wedding band that can be pulled off and on the shaft
  16. Remove the speed collar to allow the ATV to go faster
  17. Now you need to put the belt back on so that it’s perfectly on both wheel tracks – you may need to play around slightly with the wheel on the right to make sure the belt is snug in the track
  18. Once the right side is snug, then put the belt around the shaft on the left side and bolt the cover back onto the left wheel
  19. Both wheels should be securely fastened and the belt should be going around both wheels just like when you first opened up the clutch cover
  20. Tip: before putting the clutch cover back on, turn on the vehicle to match sure everything is working the way it’s supposed to
  21. Assuming everything is working properly (which it should), place the clutch cover back on and align the holes on the cover to the holes on the frame of the quad
  22. Tip: remember there should be one slightly shorter bolt which goes in the top hole directly behind the kick starter.  Insert all eight bolts into the holes to hold the cover in place and then securely fasten all eight bolts
  23. Then take the large plastic molding that gets attached to the frame and place it on the foot rest, making sure to align all the holes in place.
  24. Again, there should be approximately 12 holes around the perimeter of the molding/frame and another 4 at the foot rest
  25. Take the remaining bolts and fasten them in place just as they were before you took them out
  26. Done.  The speed collar has been successfully removed!

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