To have any kind of an enjoyable experience while off roading you’ll need a good set of goggles.  Needless to say, you’re eyes are way too important to take the risk of losing one (or both) in an accident.  If you’re new to riding and would like more information on how to stay safe while riding then i’d recommend you read my very extensive and informative beginners guide to ATV riding.

In addition, you’ll enjoy the trails much more with the higher visibility you’ll get from goggles.  I can’t think of anything more frustrating than getting dust and rocks kicked back in your face from the rider in front of you.  Not only that, but the sun has different effects on your vision depending on your angle to the sun and the time of day you’re riding.  Simply said, it’s annoying as hell when you’re trying to ride but you’re more focused on being able to see in front of you.

Trust me, a good pair of goggles are a solid investment!

But how do you know which one to go with?

Well i’ll tell you which ones I go with and why, but let me start off by saying that, just like anything else in life, you get what you pay for.  

Now i’m absolutely not trying to say you should get the most expensive pair because I myself don’t believe that’s necessary either, but you can get a great set of goggles that provide incredible value and last a long time if you take care of them well.

My favorite pair of goggles are the Oakley Mayhem Pro for several reasons:


The Mayhem Pro comes equipped with the O-Matter chassis making the goggle extremely pliable and very resistant to cracking and bending while at the same time making it form fitting.  The outrigger technology also sits very well on the face and relieves you of pressure from your major pressure points.

The Oakley Mayhem Pro is made of an extremely nice and durable triple density face foam that is moisture wicking.  

Why is moisture wicking important?  Imagine you have clothing made of a natural material such such as linen, wool, and cotton that helps pull moisture from the skin when the body gets too warm.  It helps cool the body down because the body releases sweat and the clothing absorbs the sweat to keep us dry.

The issue is that the clothing tends to absorb the moisture without releasing it into the air.  Much like a candle pulls wax through the wick to be burned by the flame on the other end, moisture wicking clothes react in the same manner.  It pulls the moisture from your face to the exterior of the fabric to be released into the environment.

So how does this help you when riding?  Well it does a great job in keeping your goggles from building up moisture and condensation which prevent you from clear visibility.

Aside from the moisture wicking fabric that is used, the fleece also feels amazing against your face as the material they incorporated into the goggle is very nice and soft.

When it comes to the straps, they are interchangeable and they have a large assortment of colors, styles and patterns to choose from.  The straps also have a quick release feature and a visible silicon print to help keep the goggles in place.

The reason I like these goggles so much is because they are so adaptable to your riding style and preferences.  Oakley has really placed the rider’s needs at the top with this one. As an example, Oakley has included a removable nose guard and tear off posts and they even includes some complimentary posts in the box.

Another reason these goggles are great is because you can find replacement parts easily.  It’s like building your own Mr. Potato Head except it’s for your goggles. You can customize them to suit your own riding conditions and parts are easy to find.  Get your Oakley Mayhem goggles directly off of Amazon for the most up-to-date price.

The Lens

The lense is incredibly adaptable being as flexible and supple as needed while being nearly impenetrable.  In fact, it is classified as a high impact lense that passes for military eyewear and is about 33% tougher than the Lexan lens most other goggles carry.  To give you an idea of how strong the lens is, they have been tested to withstand the force of a 450cc engine kicking back large debris without cracking or chipping.

When i’m riding, it’s very important for me to have a very wide and deep field of view.  It feels very uncomfortable for me to not have a solid peripheral vision or one that’s been even partially narrowed by my goggles.  What Oakley has done is they’ve taken a single sheet lens and bended it into a curved frame so that it dramatically improves your field of vision – they call it the Iridium Lens.

Just like there are things you can do to make you’re ATV faster, there are also special characteristics that make your goggles more effective at blocking out unwanted light while improving visibility.  

The Iridium lens isn’t a special composition of material throughout the entire lens, instead it’s a layer or coating made of a metal oxide that is placed over the lens and given special characteristics based on the way it was designed.  The coating allows you to tailor your lens according to the environmental conditions you’re in.

For example, the saturation and coating of the oxide can help you to reduce glare, reflection, light transmission and even the amount of light the lense absorbs.  These can be fine tuned as a percentage of the total amount of light coming in – the range goes from 9% to 92% again making these lenses extremely adaptable.


The price point for the Mayhem goggles start at $100 and they come in many different colors, strap patterns and special collection designs.  With all the styles to choose from, you’ll be able to find one that suits your personality really well.

There are optional replacement parts to choose from and maintenance kits to keep your goggles in great shape.

You also have the option to upgrade to the Iridium lense for another $25 and depending on how much absorption of light you need, the lenses can go up to $75 for the Prizm lens.  I found mine on Amazon and you can see what the Mayhem is going for directly on their site.