atv cab with doors

ATV cabs with doors: Choosing the right extension for you

Man do I love ATVs. They bring joy, they bring pleasure, but most of all – plain fun. They can be used for various types of recreation, farming, hunting and exploring purposes, but also, they are the best vehicles if you need to get a physically demanding job done.  As the name suggests, All Terrain Vehicles are extremely agile and flexible out on the field and are suitable for nearly any natural terrain. Whether you decide to conquer the high hills, or you need to go out in the desert, your ATV will probably be the companion you will need.

The basic features of an ATV, whether it’s a three-wheeler or a four-wheeler, are its low-pressure tires, a single seat that is straddled by the driver and handlebars for a steering control. For that reason, some of you might want to utilize an enclosure around your ATV and in this article i’ll attempt to explain the different types of enclosures as well some models it may go with, along with some pricing you can expect to see.

Types of doors

Once you decide it is time to upgrade your ATV to a full cab enclosure, you open a door with another dilemma – what type of door to choose from.  There are several unique styles including soft and hard doors, as well as cab doors only. You can easily get confused by the numerous products on the market so i’ll do my very best to break down the most common characteristics of each type of cab enclosures.

Soft Cab Enclosure

Even though their name implies something gentle or fragile, don’t be fooled by it – these doors are anything but soft. The reason they are called soft doors is because they are constructed of heavy duty materials, such as acrylic-coated polyester, instead of a hard shell. Therefore, they are still strong enough to give you the required protection so that you can stay warm and dry during those harsh winter days.

Usually, the heavy duty material from which the cab enclosure is made is also UV protected, while the side windows are made of PVC, highly resistant material. In addition, the materials should be water-resistant, tear-resistant and mildew-resistant. They shouldn’t allow for shrinkage, yet the windows’ material should allow total visibility. The doors, in most of the cases, can have metal frames and are supposed to open and close with zippers, or in some instances, they can also be rolled up in order to become an open-cab.

Hard Cab Enclosure

In case you don’t feel protected enough with the soft doors, then you can opt for the hard ones. These are hard in terms of the materials from which they are constructed and in most of the cases they are made of carbon steel frame, hard-coated polycarbonate, or other similar materials.

The hard cab system usually has modular panel cabs that are made of safety glass in addition to the polycarbonate structure and should provide great visibility for the driver. The front panel can also have additional features, such as a windshield wiper and washer kit. The windows on the side doors, which can be of a metal structure, should ideally be made to slide and to be transparent. Another advantage to the hard shields compared to the soft ones is that they can be quieter inside and most of them can be locked, so you can feel confident that your belonging will be safely stored inside.

Cab door only

If you don’t need to buy the whole cab system, then you can buy the cab doors only for your existing cab enclosure. Most of the time, they are made out of steel or similar durable materials and function on the same concept as the doors from the hard cab construction do. They have sliding windows and locks and almost always come with the necessary hardware for mounting the doors on the existing construction.

However, you can also find them made out of softer materials, such as nylon covers and steel frame, so that they can fit your soft cab construction. These also work on the same concept as the soft doors do.

Models the ATV cab doors would go with

As I’ve already said, there are a lot of models and brands that you can choose from and you can easily get lost while searching for the right one, but, there are a lot of favorites and after a careful ‘background check’, I’ve narrowed it down to a few that are suitable with popular brands such as Polaris, Honda and Yamaha.

If you’re looking for a Steel door cab enclosure you can check out the doors made by Cru, they carry an extremely large assortment of styles to fit any model ATV and their products are very well reviewed and liked by previous owners.

Of course, there are a lot of other brands, but these might be the most worthy of your money and attention. These brands stand for constant quality, sustainability and outstanding customer service.

Price range for doors

Even though every feature is equally important when choosing the right door for you, the price is probably the main determinant in the whole decision making process. So, before you begin your door quest, decide on your disposable budget for the doors.

However, even though higher price usually means higher quality (just like anything else, you get what you pay for) you’ll want to take into consideration how much you’ll actually be driving your ATV on a regular basis.  If it’s not much, then I don’t recommend investing a lot of money into it.

The usual price on the lower end of the price spectrum for the hard and soft enclosures is approximately $400, while for the doors only that can be attached to the existing cab systems start from approximately $700. These prices are a great start and might also satisfy your basic criteria.

Wrapping up

You’ll be seeing cab enclosures more often as the grow in popularity.  They make a huge difference in incliment weather and in the winter time.  Its also extremely nice when you have a heating system that can regulate your quad’s inside temperature!