self leveling cup holder for your atv

Stay Hydrated With A Self Leveling Cup Holder For Your ATV

Riding hard on those hot summer days can catch up with you quickly.  It’s easy to ride around for several hours and forget that you’ve had nothing to eat or drink for some time, you only get a true idea when you look down at your shirt and see that it’s soaking wet, or when you take off your helmet and realize you’re drenched.  Trust me, it’s much easier to get water in when it’s right in front of you.  That’s why I’ve installed a self leveling cup holder on my ATV, it’s an easy fix to combat dehydration and it’s super convenient too.

Ram Mount Self Leveling Cup Holder:

As i’ve previously stated, the Ram Mount self leveling cup holder is the easiest way to address the issue of dehydration. It’s an extremely easy to mount tool that can be mounted to the brake/clutch reservoir assemblies of many ATV models.  It has a 1″ ball adapter that turns your cup holder into a self-leveling cooler.  As your ATV moves, rocks and jolts, so will the cup holder.  As a word of caution, I personally wouldn’t put a hot cup of coffee into it unless the coffee were completely sealed.  If you were to hit a big hole or large rock, the cup holder would likely keep the cup of coffee inside, but the contents would probably spill all over.  Common sense would probably already tell you this, but you know about everyone and common sense…

Features and Benefits:

The Ram Mount self leveling cup holder is made of an extremely durable composite which hinges at two particular points on the cup – the first is at the top of the base where the cup is held by two arms that keep the cup in steady motion and the second pivot point is with at the 1″ ball.  The great thing is no matter how you have the arms and joints positioned, the ball pivot will keep the entire base level while the top joints keep the cup holder steady on it’s own axis.

In addition to mounting the unit onto the brake/clutch reservoir, this product comes with a couple of U-Bolts that allow you to basically clamp the mount onto your handle bar and completely bypass the reservoir system.  It will fit bars that are 1/2″ to 1 1/4″ in diameter

Uses for Different Vehicles:

This product is extremely versatile in terms of where you can mount it.  I know it fits extremely well onto motocross vehicles such as ATV’s and dirt bikes, but it also fits extremely well on motorcycles, big rigs, riding lawn mowers, jet skis and other motorized equipment.  There are a multitude of uses and applications for this unit.  Pricing can vary but you can check out what the price is currently at on Amazon here.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Will this mount work on other motorized equipment such as a power wheelchair? A: It should definitely have the ability to be mounted onto a power wheelchair.  If the U Bolts that come in the package aren’t large enough in diameter, then you may have to make a trip to a hardware store where you can purchase a larger U Bolt.  It would be mounted the same way, you would insert the U Bolt around the handle bar and into the two holes at the base of the mounting kit.  On the other end, you would clamp it tightly with the butt end of the mount and tighten it with screws – it’s really very easy.

Q: Do I need to only buy the Ram Mount cup holder or do I need to purchase a base as well?  A: The Ram Mount self leveling cup holder is just one piece to the puzzle, you would also need to decide on which type of base would best suit your needs.  There is one that attaches to the handle bar via a U Bolt.  Several sizes can be bought to fit for a different diameter handle bar.  You can also get the mount directly onto the brake/clutch reservoir or one of their more popular fits is the Tough Claw which is essentially a clamp-like fit to ensure a secure mount.  You can check out the different mounts on Amazon.

Q: Does the cup holder pivot in two directions or just one?  A: The cupholder pivots in two directions as the 1″ ball will allow movement in many different directions and the “U-Frame” that connects directly to the cupholder itself allows the cupholder to swing in a different direction.  All said and done, this cupholder can swing, turn and adjust into practically any direction your ATV can.

Q: How big of a mug can the cup holder hold?  A:  I believe the diameter of the cup holder is 3.5″ without the cozy in it, also, it isn’t advisable to go with anything particularly tall since the taller the height of the drink, the more it throws off the center of gravity and it the movement of your ATV may cause the cup/bottle to topple over.  You should probably aim for something the shape and size of a soda can.

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