Safety should always be your priority when you’re out riding your 4 wheeler.  It’s too easy to get caught up in the fun and excitement, but the thing is you can’t go backwards in time to put on your gear when you should have the first time.  Accidents are unforgiving, so make sure to gear up as if you expected an accident to occur.  I know that sounds morbid, but running into a tree at even just 30mph can cause some serious damage.  Of all the gear you should be wearing, a chest protector is one item you should definitely consider to keep yourself safe.

About Leatt:

When looking for proper ATV gear like chest protectors, you want to make sure that the brands you choose are brands that you can trust. Safety is not something to take lightly. Leatt has been creating a wide range of safety gear for riders for over ten years. They offer a wide array of helmets, body armor, braces, guards, apparel, and hydration systems. It is a company that understands the thrill of the sport, but also understands that it comes with safety risks. Leatt is committed to doing whatever it takes to keep any rider safer. As part of the company’s description states: “Yours is a confidence game. And we’re in the business of making sure that you have the confidence and the equipment to push yourself faster, harder and further than you thought you could go. Because that’s where the Thrill lies.”

When you purchase gear from Leatt, you can be sure that it is designed by people that understand the sport, and understand the protective equipment your body needs. In 2001, Chris Leatt’s son starts riding, and on that weekend, he witnesses the death of a fellow rider, Alan Selby. Not wanting the same to happen to his son and to other riders, this drives him to design his first neck brace prototype.

He sells his first neck brace in South Africa in 2004, and in 2006, the mass produced version finally makes it out in the market. It is introduced at the 6th International Motorcycle Conference in Cologne, Germany. The first Leatt-Brace is marketed, and later wins Racer X’s Product of the Year. In 2007, the Leatt neck brace is featured on the cover of Racer X and Motocross Action gives Leatt a 5/5 star product rating. That same year, David Bailey gets critically injured and releases a video encouraging all riders to use Leatt neck braces. Demand for the product spikes.

The world renowned Leatt Lab is founded in 2008. Based in Capetown in South Africa, this is where Dr. Leatt and his team of talented engineers and designers conceptualize and test new products. The facility has state of the art equipment used for testing and prototyping. In 2009, Leatt wins awards and recognitions such as the SAMIA Award for Outstanding Safety Achievement, Transworld Motocross’ Best New Product of the Year (editor’s choice), Racer X’s Best Product of the Decade, Motocross Action’s readers vote for Decade’s Most Significant Product, winner of the Eurobike Innovations Award from Freeride Magazine, and Product of the Year from Dirt Bike Magazine.

Since then, Leatt’s products have gone on to win more awards and receive more recognition, and have been worn by many riding champions. Professional athletes such as Sam Hill, Ryan Dungey and Cyril Despres have all sported their Leatt gear when winning their respective competitions. Throughout the years, the company has released a variety of other products such as knee braces, protective gear designed especially for children, and more. Today, the Leatt Lab uses extensive stimulations for all their products, testing it on a variety of different tools. Up until the present, Leatt continues to gain recognition for their products and more importantly, continues to protect every rider.

Leatt 5.5 Pro HD Features and Specs:

In 2012, Transworld Motocross Magazine awarded Leatt’s new chest protector Pro Lite “Product of the Year” remarking on its unsurpassed levels of protection. Now, Leatt offers a variety of chest protectors available for your off roading needs. The Leatt 5.5 Pro HD Chest Protector is tried and tested to give maximum back, front and shoulder protection. If you have a Leatt GPX 6.5 neck brace, this chest protector is a perfect fit as it is compatible with Leatt neck braces and is now equipped with a mesh base layer. It features a FlipFit front, rear function and BraceOn neck brace fitting system that allows fitting with Leatt neck braces and has the ability to convert for over or under the shirt use.

The Chest Protector 5.5 Pro HD is the top of the line of Leatt’s 5.5 chest protector line. It offers 360 degrees of protection and is designed specifically to meet the highest safety approvals for chest, back and shoulder impact protection. It is certified by a variety of standards. It is CE certified meaning it has reached European Conformity standards. While CE standard gear is not required for motorcycle riders in America unless you are on a racetrack, you will need to have protective gear that meets these standards when you drive a motorcycle in Europe. Other than that, the Chest Protector 5.5 Pro HD is FFM – French Federation Certified as well. The back of the protector meets the highest back impact CE approval, and the front meets the highest front impact CE approval. The shoulder protectors are impact tested and CE certified. This means that you can breathe easy knowing that Leatt’s Chest Protector 5.5 Pro HD meets the highest of safety standards.

What ensures the 5.5 Pro HD’s reliable protection is that it combines hard shell protection with 3DF AirFit impact foam. This foam absorbs energy that can take on those hard knocks and also acts as a cushion in case of falls. The hard shell areas are made of made of high density poly ethylene (HDPE) for high impact or stone deflection. The combination of the hard shell and 3DF AirFit impact foam offers the best possible protection for your chest, back and shoulders. The adjustable flank panels also offer additional protection. This flank protection overlaps with the front and back plates creating an integrated, multilayer protection area over some of the most vulnerable parts of your torso and add protection to your sides. The combination of all these features means it provides excellent protection and has a total Leatt protection score of 20 points.

The Leatt Chest Protector 5.5 Pro HD features a 3D design with eight multi layer plates assuring a great fit. It comes with new, adjustable straps for an even better fit. All that sounds a bit thick and may be too warm for sunny weather, but the 5.5 Pro HD comes with 53 ventilation slots for maximum cooling, so don’t worry about stressing out over the heat. Not only did Leatt think of utmost protection for the rider, but they made sure to think of their comfort as well. Rest assured you’re in for a worry free and comfortable ride every time you slip on this chest protector.

Leatt’s Chest Protector 5.5 Pro HD can be found on Amazon. It’s a bit on the pricier side when it comes to chest protectors, but you’re ensured of a great fit, comfort, maximum protection and highest quality that Leatt has to offer. It comes in black and white colors and weighs around 4.4 pounds. The Chest Protector 5.5 Pro HD has a Unisex fit, the regular size good for people from 150 pounds to 198 pounds. They also have an XXL size available which can fit those from 198 pounds to 286 pounds. As mentioned earlier, the straps are all adjustable ensuring great fit and comfort.

It’s a dangerous world out there – especially during a time that promotes adventure and freedom. Everyone seems to want to live life with more excitement whether it is through traveling the world, cooking new dishes or jumping off planes. Never has everything been so accessible to us, and never have we been more confident to try things out of our comfort zone. So go. Go for whatever makes you feel alive – get on that surfboard and catch that wave or get on your motorbike and ride into the distance. Just don’t forget that in order to do these things, the most important part is you – full and undamaged. Always remember to protect yourself and to use the proper means to do it. If ATVs are your thing, make sure you have the proper safety gear to protect yourself and while you’re on the hunt for them, don’t forget the Leatt Chest Protector 5.5 Pro HD.