5 Reasons Your Chinese ATV Bogs Under Throttle

5 Reasons Your Chinese ATV Bogs Under Throttle

If you are experiencing issues with your engine bogging under throttle, then you are not alone. If you take a look at various ATV forums, you will find other ATV owners with the same issues. Experiencing an engine bog under full throttle can be a frustrating issue.

This is why resolving the issue is the priority for most ATV owners. If you are wondering why your Chinese ATV bogs under throttle, and what causes engine bogging, this article has some helpful answers, read on!

Types of Engine Bogs

Before you get to understand why your Chinese ATV bogs under throttle, you need to understand the three types of swamps.

Lean Bog

A lean bog occurs when the air to fuel ratio in the engine is imbalanced. Lean bogs come about when the amount of fuel in your engine is less than the amount of air. This mostly occurs when your ATV runs out of fuel. It can also happen if the air boxes are opened, thus allowing in too much air.

Rich Bog

On the other hand, a rich bog occurs when there is too much fuel and not enough air in the engine. A rich swamp often feels like a bubble, and the throttle can sometimes feel slow.

Gear Bog

A gear bog occurs when you are riding your ATV on high gear. The throttle response is sluggish and slow.

What Causes Engine Bogging?

There are many reasons why your Chinese ATV bogs under full throttle. Below are some of the primary reasons why your engine bogs under acceleration.

A Dirty Air Filter

A dirty or clogged air filter is one of the most common reasons for an engine bog under acceleration. A clogged engine air filter causes an inefficient and polluted air and fuel mixture, thus bogging down the engine.

A Dirty Carburetor

Another common reason for an engine bog is a dirty carburetor. If dust gets in the carburetor, it clogs the jet or the main pilot, causing fuel flow issues.

Old or Dirty Gas Tank

It’s not often that most people remember to clean out their gas tank, which causes some problems with the ATV. A dirty gas tank mostly means that there is a gasoline clot in the gas tank. The clot prevents or slows the fuel from reaching the engine, causing it to bog under throttle.

Evaporated Emission System

When your Chinese ATV is new, the Evaporated Emission System starts instantly and works amazingly. However, with time the system gets warmer and begins causing issues. Some of the problems caused by a warm evaporated emission system include a torn front intake boot and the internal pump sticking out.

A Dirty Transfer Pump Screen

A clogged transfer screen is also one of the reasons why your engine could be bogging.

How to Tell if Your ATV Is Running Lean or Not

Vehicles and other automobiles are often described as running lean or rich depending on their air and fuel consumption. Gas engines burn both fuel and air to function correctly. As this mixture gets into the combustion chamber, it gets ignited by a spark to produce enough power to get a vehicle functioning efficiently.

So how are you able to tell if your Chinese ATV is running rich or lean?

Running Rich

If your ATV is running rich, it implies that your engine is getting too much fuel and less air. Your ATV will still be able to function, but you are likely to encounter signals such as a strong gasoline smell, especially if it’s idling, slow acceleration, and low gas mileage.

If not checked on time, running rich can damage your ATV’s catalytic converter by clogging it with some of the residue produced from burning the excess fuel. There are several reasons why your engine might run rich such as the fuel injector getting stuck in the open position. However, the most common one is a dirty air filter.

The engine air filter is meant to trap any dust and debris and prevent it from getting into your engine. It also helps your engine breathe clean air. If the air filter is clogged, air won’t pass through the filter, thus not reaching the engine. A black colored plug is also a sign of running rich.

Running Lean

When your ATV is running lean, it means that your engine is getting too much air and less fuel. A sluggish throttle is some of the ways of identifying that your ATV is running lean. Alternatively, you can warm up your ATV and drive with the choke on. If there is no bog, you’re likely running lean. A white spark plug is also an indication that your engine is running lean.

Much like a running rich engine, there are various reasons why your ATV’s engine might be running lean. Some of the reasons include a vacuum leak, a bad fuel pump, or a dirty fuel injection.

To be sure of whether your engine is running rich or lean, use a scanning device to check the engine control unit. After plugging the scanning device to your ATV’s engine port, the tool will scan for any fault codes.

Most of the devices trigger a check engine light code when your engine either runs rich or lean. The only downside is that the device doesn’t reveal the reason why. Always note that running rich can hurt your engine while running lean can blow it.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your ATV’s engine has the appropriate fuel to air mixture. Otherwise, this can cause severe issues with your ATV.

How Do You Fix A Bogging Engine?

Clean Your Air Filter

As mentioned above, a dirty air filter is one of the primary reasons for a bogging engine. To fix the issue, check if your engine air filter is clogged or dirty. To ascertain this, check for a grey coating on the screen. Try cleaning out the air filter and check whether the problem goes away or not. Alternatively, you can replace the air filter altogether.

Check and Adjust the Carburetor

If your engine is bogging, try adjusting the needle on the carburetor slide. To adjust the needle, unscrew the carburetor top and pull out the slide attached with the needle. Move the needle to the top and put it back.

After that, you can unscrew the carburetor at the bottom and clean out the bowl. To clean out the carburetor effectively, you can use a cleaning spray. Alternatively, disassembling the carburetor can go a long way in ensuring that it is thoroughly cleaned.

Clean Out the Gas Tank

Drain out the gas tank and inspect it for rust or gasoline scale. If there is any gasoline gunk in the gas tank, clean it out using a cleaning kit or other equipment. If you are unable to clean out the gas tank effectively, it would be wise to replace it.

Clean the Transfer Pump Screen

To effectively clean out the transfer pump screen, you would need to pull it out and dip it inside a half-full bucket of water. You must check the pressure before you embark on this exercise. Regularly check the transfer pump screen while it is in the water.

The next step would be to check the fuel level. Drain the fuel inside and fill it anew. Lastly, put the transfer pump screen back and see the difference.

In Conclusion

Any of the reasons revealed above could be the cause of your Chinese ATV bogging under throttle and also what causes engine bogging. If your Chinese ATV has been running efficiently and begins bogging, there could be a problem with the components or the assembly.

Fixing bogging in an engine is a simple task provided you know what to do. If you are unaware of the adjustments needed, take your ATV to a certified automobile expert to resolve the issue.

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