uses for an atv

10 Incredible Uses for An ATV

You may be new to ATV riding and you want to get out there and start using your new quad right away. Maybe you’ve been riding for a long time and have recently upgraded your quad to something more powerful and useful for every day use.

Whatever the reason may be, here are ten real world applications that your ATV can be used for. Their uses are very versatile and range anywhere from hunting to winching to crop spraying.

Check it out:

1) Snow Plowing/Bull Dozer

This has a great advantage to both people who are older in age and those that have an oversized driveway or a lot of land that needs to be shoveled and maintained.

Why break your back doing a lot of heavy lifting when there is no need? Plus, the amount of time you save on using an ATV for this type of job is well worth it.

In the winter time plowing takes just a few minutes, but there is also good use for it in the summer time as well. The plow functionality helps you move away dirt, gravel, debris or even trash. For someone with a good amount of land, this comes in handy.

So what do you need to convert your ATV into a bull dozer? Simple, you can purchase kits and it’s a simple process.

First, select a mounting kit. There are basically two types of mounts, the first is mounted to the front of the ATV and is very easy to install. It can be removed whenever the bulldozer is not being used for it’s intended purpose and is not very cumbersome.

The second style of mount is the center mounting kit which is installed at the base and requires you to attach it at the underside of the ATV. This one is more permanent and just gets left on the vehicle whether you are using it or not. If you need to uninstall the mount, you can do so using quick release pins.

Next, choose a plow base. This piece of the equipment connects the mounting kit to the plow blade and is essentially the intermediary between the two pieces. Depending on the kind you get, you can actually move the plow base up and down to help with your snow plow.

Last is the blade itself. You can purchase straight blades or cyclonic type blades that assist with moving snow or debris to the side whereas the straight blades pretty much pushes debris more than it scoops.

I like the WARN mounting kits and blades and you can read more about them here on Amazon.

2) Camping

Getting into the great outdoors is much easier when you travel on an ATV, bringing all the necessary gear becomes that much easier as well. Instead of packing everything onto your back, try packing these items onto the ATV:

sleeping pad, sleeping bag, tent, teton pillow, throw blanket, camp chairs and camp table.

All of this equipment can be easily packed onto your ATV using very little space.

3) Hunting

Every hunter agrees that an ATV is crucial to their hunting game. Not only can an ATV take you through rough, rugged terrain much quicker than you can go on foot, but it can also help you tow a lot of meat when necessary.

Here are a few rules to take into consideration when hunting for game while using an ATV:

  • don’t shoot game while on your ATV, this is only under certain circumstances such as having a disability
  • use ATVs only to access certain hunting areas
  • never chase wildlife while riding your ATV, its extremely dangerous, unlawful, not how hunting was meant to be, and plain dumb

Once you’ve taken down the animal, use a tow or piece of transporting equipment to haul the carcass away.

4) Tilling

This tool which attaches to the back of the ATV is great for tilling larger pieces of land where you want to place some plots of food or a nice garden.

They are by no means meant to replace heavy-duty agricultural equipment but I think you knew that as well. The tool is straightforward and comes with a row of steel tines that are dragged through the ground to allow for seeds to be placed.

Use this tool to more efficiently till your plot of land.

5) Mowing

There are all sorts of attachments that can be added to your ATV, mowing equipment included. For those that already have an ATV and just don’t see the need for purchasing a riding lawn mower, you can easily pick up a stand alone mower that attaches to the back of your ATV and works in exactly the same way as a riding mower would.

Though these pieces of equipment are not exactly cheap, often ranging around $1,300, they are much more economical than a riding mower than can be purchased for $5,000 or more.

Not only that, but if you already have an ATV, getting a riding mower would just take up that much more space, who wants that?

6) Lumber

If you live off of mother nature then you’ll certainly appreciate this benefit an ATV brings. Let its ability to carry a larger, heavier load work for you!

An ATV can easily have a trailer tied behind it to carry hundreds of pounds in firewood, the only thing you’ll have to help with is actually chopping it up!

7) Winching

Probably one of the most useful accessories to have on your ATV is a winch and can be used for pulling, hauling and dragging other heavy material out of something or into something.

Though it’s not often used, under extreme circumstances a winch can tow out other vehicles from muddy terrain where they otherwise have been stuck.

8) Crop Spraying

Easily mountable onto your ATV, the broadcast sprayer can hold approximately 25 gallons of liquid sprayer to be applied to your fields. The sprayers have a 25-30 foot spraying radius, which can cover a lot of area in a short period of time.

Many of them have a boomless system so there are no booms to break on trees or posts. There are also control switches for the left and right nozzles and it comes with a remote switch to turn the nozzles on and off as you go.

Because of it’s ease of use, it is highly recommended.

9) Dog Training

When there isn’t enough snow on the ground, the use of an ATV is a great, controlled way to train your dogs. They can be tied to the harness as they would otherwise be tied, but instead of pulling a sled, the dogs would be followed by an ATV.

Dogs love this and so do the owners as it gives them a chance to get their dogs out and go for long distance runs.

10) Pure Enjoyment

The last use for an ATV is probably the most popular one and it’s simply because you love riding ATVs. There are many reasons why you may be riding one, for work/hauling purposes, hunting, training or simply catching some wind in your face.

If you enjoy the competitive side of things, ATV racing is exciting and offers much in the way of discipline and coordination. Not only that but you learn a tremendous amount about mechanics and gain the ability to deduce and reason when parts aren’t working as they should.

There are many practical uses for an ATV and although some may be very specialized, many are not. Whatever your need may be to have machinery do some heavy lifting for you, there is likely an accessory that can be bolted on to your ATV to assist you in making the chore easier to finish.